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Our products and services range from customized fabrication and final coating of elaborate assemblies for heavy industry to detailing and fabrication of structural steel and large scale modules. With our numerous sources and fully equipped shops, all orders for painted, galvanized, stainless or mild steel, including alloys and aluminum, can be produced in a timely manner. Whether the project is a few pounds of steel or many tons, we can produce your order with the quality you deserve.

Coastal MetalsProfessional Services:

  • Project Management
  • Design & Drafting
  • Drawing Interpretation
  • Quality Management
  • Inspection and Testing Services
  • Project Reporting


Production Services:

  • Fabrication & Welding (including submerged arc welding)
  • Metal Forming
  • Coastal MetalsPress Work
  • Forgings
  • Profile Cutting
  • Rolling & Bending
  • Painting & Sandblasting
  • Galvanizing
  • AR Lining
  • Hard Facing
  • Rubber Lining
  • Epoxy Coatings
  • Machining
  • Tile Lining
  • Coastal MetalsCeramic Lining